2017 Saugeen Shores Experience Guide Hits the Streets

Designed by Crossett Design (as well as editor, photo coordination/selection, and master problem solver 🙂 )

Have a browse through the 80 page 2017 Saugeen Shores Experience Guide. Published by the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce, it will provide you with everything you need to know to make your vacation in Saugeen Shores the best experience it can be.

If you live here, it’s a great tool as well. Learn what’s going on in your community!

If you don’t live here, pour yourself a coffee or glass of wine and browse through this magazine at your leisure. You just may find you want to spend more time here. Or like me, move here permanently!

Hard copies are available through the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce and their Visitor Centres as well as at many local businesses. Online version available here: Online Saugeen Shores Experience Guide.

I’d love to hear your feedback! What do you think of the Guide? Have we missed any information? What have you experienced in Saugeen Shores?






We’ve had a love affair for almost 30 years


Happy 30th Birthday Apple!

You and I have been together a VERY long time, nearly since you were born. People never understood why we were together. Why would I hook up with an Apple Macintosh when a PC was the norm. Anyone with a MAC knew why…mostly us creative types.

You tore me away from my old best friends. My drafting table, PITA technical pens, hundreds of beautifully coloured markers, stinky stat machines and my old faithful waxing machine. Back then I swore I would never sit at a desk and type all day, yet here I am. And I love it.

Happy Birthday Apple!


No Wonder Hand-Painted Signs are So Collectable!

Such skill and design talent was required to create them! It took hours upon hours of painting, one letter at a time to create these works of art.

No wonder the American and Canadian “Pickers” are in hot pursuit of them!

Here is a fascinating article and some wonderful photos on the subject.


Your Logo

A logo is about what works for your company, not about what you “like” or “dislike”.

Do you need a new logo? That depends on if it is working for your company or not. Coke’s logo has stood the test of time. Pepsi on the other hand has changed their logo over the years. There is no right or wrong.

Changing your logo could compromise your business image. On the other hand, not changing your logo could also compromise your image. Let’s discuss it!