You CAN Design Your Own Material ~ But SHOULD You?

Should you design your own marketing materials?The advent of online print sites and their convenient templates has made it easy for businesses to create their own promotional materials. As easy and affordable as it is, should you be creating your own marketing and advertising material?

Here is why you may want to think twice:

  1. Creating your own material is cheap and easy. Using ready-made templates allows you to create “semi-professional” looking material. The problem is, it’s that easy for everyone else as well. How do you feel about someone else having the EXACT same design as you?
  2. Creating a design that WORKS takes years of schooling and experience. Your design may look “pretty” but is it actually working. Do you know how to lay out the design so that it is most readable, most engaging, and really sells your product/service?
  3. Your logo and branding is the basis for all your marketing. Without a professionally designed logo and accurate and targeted branding you’ll be swimming in the same pool as your competitors.
  4. Is it the BEST use of your time? You have your own skill set and demands. Is spending a lot of your time trying to do design work really the best use of your busy schedule…only to come up with material that is at best mediocre? Likely not.

Let a professional promote your business and events. Years of schooling and education in design and marketing have given me the tools and knowledge to promote your business in the best way possible. Crawl out of that pool with your competitors and get noticed.