Dropbox…Sharing Files the Easy Way


Recently I have discovered “Dropbox“. Dropbox is a free (yes free!!) service that allots you 2GB of storage. Any web user can use it. It allows me to share files that might be too big to email to clients, as well as sharing client proofs…so incredibly easily.

Recently I used it to allow access to a proof of an 88 page book for the Chamber of Commerce. At over 30 MB each, these files are too big to email. Dropbox made it so simple, I gave them access to the file, and they opened it on their computer. Piece of cake!

It also allows me to access my files from anywhere. Once set up its far simpler to use than an FTP site.

It has other uses such as expanding your own storage or for use as a backup. Increased storage is available at a cost.