Use Adobe Reader for Proofreading

This is the second in a series of articles on “How to Save Money on Your Graphic Design Services” by Crossett Design.

The best time saver when it comes to proofreading is using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. It is common practice now for Graphic Designers to supply proofs in a pdf proof format to their clients.

Clients need to learn to use the tools in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. This makes life SOOOO much easier for both parties. There is no bigger time waster (read $$$) than when I have to try and make out a client’s chicken scratches, especially when they’ve been poorly scanned and sent by email. The longer it takes me to read/interpret your notes the more you are paying.

ADOBE READER IS FREE. No excuses. Download it today. When your graphic designer sends you a proof they must “enable rights in Adobe Reader” in order for you to use the tools in Reader. If you are using the (not free) Adobe Acrobat, this is not necessary.

Download Reader (did I mention its free?). How many things in this world that save you money are free? Then learn to use the markup tools, they’re easy and actually fun to use. More about how to use them effectively in a later tip. Now click on the link and download!


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